Bad Spring Training Twitpics
On the Lineup Card

We’re gonna change up a little bit tonight.

There’s a part of me that wants to register disapproval of the Lineup Card Spring Training Twitpic. Believe me, it’s become a genre unto itself. It’s a piece of paper, or maybe poster board, and it lists names. It should bore us to tears.

And yet, I’m here to endorse the Lineup Card Spring Training Twitpic. For one, it’s informative. Thanks to it we know who’s playing, where they’re hitting, who’s pitching, etc. It’s also just cool. There’s something quaint and romantic about the lineup card. And finally, it’s actually reflective of real access. We tend not to get these during the regular season. 

So go on and do your thing, writers, with the Lineup Card pics. This one comes courtesy of Jane Lee of the A’s beat.

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