Bad Spring Training Twitpics
I promise this was actually tweeted out
What even is this?

Russell Wilson was in Rangers camp today. Big stuff. So, as you can imagine, there was quite a media frenzy and in order to capture the throngs of reporters there to cover Wilson’s day with the Rangers Stefan Stevenson (real name) decided to show us a picture of a couple other media members and…Mitch Moreland’s grandparents?

I have no earthly idea but just try to imagine snapping this pic in the first place, then looking it over approvingly, maybe even nodding and then firing it out to the masses. Incomprehensible.

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Seems like a rush job to me, but then so was Bob Nightengale’s whole day with Wilson.

On the Lineup Card

We’re gonna change up a little bit tonight.

There’s a part of me that wants to register disapproval of the Lineup Card Spring Training Twitpic. Believe me, it’s become a genre unto itself. It’s a piece of paper, or maybe poster board, and it lists names. It should bore us to tears.

And yet, I’m here to endorse the Lineup Card Spring Training Twitpic. For one, it’s informative. Thanks to it we know who’s playing, where they’re hitting, who’s pitching, etc. It’s also just cool. There’s something quaint and romantic about the lineup card. And finally, it’s actually reflective of real access. We tend not to get these during the regular season. 

So go on and do your thing, writers, with the Lineup Card pics. This one comes courtesy of Jane Lee of the A’s beat.

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The Ol’ Press Box Shot

The Bad Spring Training Twitipics team took a little vacation but we’re back. Thanks for hanging in there.

It’s the Pirates “Black & Gold Game” in Bradenton and Tim Neverett’s not letting the occasion pass without offering up what in my view is an all-timer in the canon. For starters, press box shots always suck. Full stop.

And trust me, Gregory Polanco giddiness is all well and good. As a Red Sox fan, I understand prospect fetishization. And if this were PNC Park, and it were Polanco’s first Big League AB, and he homered or something…then sure, post the blurry pic featuring the backstop in the foreground to commemorate something neat. You were there, it was special, get it out to your followers.

But intrasquad action at McKechnie Field? I don’t know, Tim. Maybe let that one die on the vine, bud.

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Jose Abreu & Chris Sale! I Promise!

I’m bullshit over this one.

Like I can deal with a batting cage, I can deal with out-of-focus and I can deal with no identifiable features of an individual whatsoever captured in a given photo.

But combine all three and I just, well, let’s say my dander’s up. Be better, Scott Merkin. This could be Michael Jordan taking road game 1994 BP rips in Pensacola for all I know.

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Pride of Ownership

Content is king. Get stuff out there. The Nats beat is competitive, show some hustle. I empathize. You think running this Bad Twitpics rig is easy?

Ask yourself this, though: “Could I take the extra 15 seconds to check the photo, see that it’s shit, get a little closer and snap a better photo to tweet out to loyal readers?” Because I’ll tell you what, William Ladson may insist this depicts Nats hurlers “playing with the medicine ball" but damn if locating that medicine ball isn’t trickier than any Waldo illustration I ever encountered.

"The Nationals issued navy bags this Spring Training" is what this looks like to me.

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Netting, blurry, the whole 9 yards. It’s the official Comcast Sportsnet Giants Twitter account.

Netting, blurry, the whole 9 yards. It’s the official Comcast Sportsnet Giants Twitter account.

The Total Package

I’m struggling with this one.

James Russell is a 28-year old with fewer than 240 Big League innings to his name. His peripherals are fine and it’s not inconceivable to think he could be a helpful reliever on a sneaky Cubs squad one of these years, but at this point he’s just a guy.

All of that is sort of beside the point in that even if it were Fergie Jenkins and Rick Sutcliffe back in the day in a photo this out-of-focus, it would hardly be worth sharing anyway.

But here you have something special: it’s as nondescript as it gets, and it’s captured really poorly. Kudos and welcome back, Mark Gonzales. 

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The Man Himself

In any line of work, or any endeavor really, there’s one individual who stands above the rest. He or she is the standard-setter.

Well when it comes to Bad Spring Training Twitpics, that person is without question John Clark of Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia.

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Go on and take a twirl through his whole catalog. You won’t regret it.

Welcome to the Good Life

The presupposition on the part of our beloved part-time photogs that we all want nothing more than to spend eight weeks in Kissimmee, Dunedin or Surprise underpins so much of the Bad Spring Training Twitpics ethos. “Look, it’s warm!” “Hey, I get to watch practice baseball eight hours a day!” “Hey I’m living it up down here asking the very same people the very same questions, day after day after day. It never even gets boring!”

And, yes, even “Look I am on an airplane” from Bryan Hoch.

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PS: The “at-mention” of United in the tweet is the icing on the cake for me here. Tweet of the day.